University of Lodz

Career Office

The Career Office empowers students to reflect on their talents and experiences, explore their career options and achieve their career goals. By working directly with students and collaborating with a broad array of partners, communities and networks, our team facilitates programs, activities and services that enable students to take ownership of their career decisions and lead meaningful professional lives.
Short job interviews

Recruitment Days

Recruitment Days consists of several short job interviews with recruiters representing companies from similar branches, consistent with the education and profile of the candidate. The aim of the meeting is to invite the candidate by the Employer for a job interview at the headquarters of the company and established permanent or temporary cooperation.


Academy of Competence

Academy of Competence is a series of training courses during which students and alumni have the opportunity to take part in many of different complimentary workshops led by representatives of companies and institutions from various sectors. The purpose of this event is to help participants acquire competencies which facilitate their first steps on the labour market.

meeting of students and companies

University Job Fair

University Job Fair is an annual event which brings together employers, recruiters, students and alumni. Companies have the opportunity to present their business profile in order to encourage students and alumni to apply for jobs or internships . This is also a chance to exchange information about expectations, answer potential questions, for students ask about work experience needed in particular company. The event takes place at the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz.