Usually, when we start looking for a job, first what comes to mind is surfing on the internet to find job offers. Recruitment portals are full of companies looking for new candidates. Check out those websites:

Internship and job offers – offers on our website directed to students and graduates of the University of Lodz

Glassdoor – international portal with its polish branch, you can filter offers by position, company or city

Careers in Poland – you can search by position, language, industry and city, the portal offers as well articles regarding the job market and legal issues for foreigners in Poland – well-known recruitment portal in Poland, unfortunately, the website is in Polish, but by typing a chosen position you will get the results

EURES – is the European jobs network, you will find there vacancies in Poland and articles related to the job market, living and working in Poland

Check also websites of your chosen companies, many of them have a ‘Career’ bookmark on their page with the recent open recruitment processes.


Direct contact with an employer


Sending an application is a common way of getting a job, but direct contact with a company may be beneficial. Show up on Job Fair at the University of Lodz – each year in November we organise a big event where you can meet representatives from top companies from Łódź region. In the springtime, you can check specialised counterpart – WorkShow – a mini Job Fair held at different faculties. Check out more HERE.

Many companies organise open days or special events, it is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know the employer and meet them in person. Contact face to face is more efficient and may result in a successful recruitment process. It provides a possibility for you to become more familiar to the employer and stay in their memory not just as another CV but a real person! Prepare yourself to this kind of a meeting, visit the company’s website, think of questions you want to ask.

The Career Office organise Competence Academy – it is an annual event where representatives of companies deliver workshops for students and graduates to share their know-how and organisational culture. It may be an opportunity to learn something new but also to build a relationship with the company of your choice.




Use your social network. Inform your friends that you are looking for a job, maybe they have heard of any vacancies in their workplace. Some companies offer a bonus for a successful recommendation of a new employee.

Be active. Engage in activities in a student organisation. On one hand, you will gain first experience working in a team, managing your time and delivering tasks. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to meet new people. Those connections may turn out fruitful in the future.

Participate in meetups and events of your industry. Look for possibilities to learn something new in your field and network at the same time. It may be a scientific conference, a professional forum, a workshop on a specific topic or an IT meetup. Find a possibility to talk with people, make connections. Where to search for this kind of meetings? Try a website: and don’t forget about a good old Facebook.

Take advantage of professional social networks like LinkedIn. It’s not just an electronic CV. Portal gives a possibility to collect recommendations and endorsements of skills from your colleagues, partners and employers. It is a useful tool to maintain your professional network and gain new connections. After a workshop delivered by a representative of a company you can invite that person on LinkedIn sending a message:

Hello, I took part in your workshop during Competence Academy held at the Career Office at University of Lodz. I’ve learned a lot and it gave me an insight on how to organise my work. I would be grateful if you accept my invitation.

That enables you to follow posts and articles this person shares on LinkedIn. Having people from your industry in LI network gives you an opportunity to be up-to-date with trends, news and ongoing recruitment processes.

Of course on LinkedIn, you may just follow the feed, but believe me, it would be much more resultful when you will be more active. Interact with the posts of the others, you may add a reaction (like, celebrate, love, insightful, curious) or comment. Write your own posts or publish articles. Send messages to your connections. Invite people you know, for example from your studies, previous job or internship.

LinkedIn has also a huge database of job offers, browse it and find a position for yourself! It helps you by showing your contacts who work in this company (so you may ask them questions).


If you struggle with finding a job, make an appointment with our job counsellor. During the meeting, you can consult your CV and talk about different ways of looking for a job. More info HERE.

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