Present your professional profile

The first association with LinkedIn is that it is a digital CV. And that’s true, you can create your profile, add work experience, education, certificates – everything like in typical CV. And it is worth doing, more and more recruiters use this mean of communication with future candidates. Take care of a proper photo – it should be professional but don’t use the one from your ID (is there anyone satisfied with their passport photo, huh?). Find a room with good lighting, put smart casual clothes on and ask someone to take a photo of you. No selfies! And don’t forget to smile. Use the opportunity of a background picture – it might present you during your work or you can create a graphic that will show your professional interests. Last but not least, create your unique URL, e.g. But this portal is much more than a CV.



Create your content

LinkedIn allows you to post articles, photos, videos or presentations. Everyone can find a way to share their ideas or knowledge from the chosen area of expertise. No need to write long essays (although if you want, you might!), it may be a short notice from the workshop you took part in or a fresh impression after reading a new book. Remember, sharing is caring.


Get access to the job offers

You may browse job offers published through the portal, set up alerts for a specific position and check who of your connections work in a chosen company. In recent years, LinkedIn has become one of the basic tools for recruiters – being an active user increases your chances of getting a job. Take care of your profile, it should be complete and up-to-date stating all your experiences and skills so you would get a higher position in search results. Then, if a recruiter may send you a direct message offering a job.


Connect with colleagues and build your professional network

LinkedIn is a social network. It offers a wide variety of interactions between users. First, you have to build your network. You can invite your colleagues from studies, student’s organisation, scientific circle or a company where you did your internship. It allows you to follow their activity in the news feed. It may be a great source of inspiration. When building your profile, it is worth asking colleagues, bosses, partners for endorsement of your skills and for writing a recommendation. Both of them will appear at your profile and make it more credible. Read more about networking HERE.

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