A good CV is undoubtedly the first step to succeed during the recruitment process. What are the most common mistakes candidates make when creating this document? And how to avoid them?



Every single detail


Sometimes a candidate lists all his or her previous achievements and experience in their CV. It’s great if you have a rich professional career path behind you and you’re an active student. However, it’s good to remember that employers primarily care about the information related to the position you are applying for. Therefore, if you have several internships and apprenticeships so far, you do not need to put information about 2 weeks of occasional work 5 years ago.


Not enough information


It is worth remembering to write the scope of duties in your positions. Write what you did during internships, which projects you supported, what you learned. The employer needs to know what exactly you dealt with in the past. Do not forget about such details as the level of foreign languages you speak and the dates of training courses you attended.


No information about student activities


Candidates who do not yet have their first professional experience often skip this point in the CV. However, it is worth boasting about your other activities, e.g. activities in scientific associations and student organizations, occasional work, participation in training courses or interesting scientific projects. You will show the recruiter your proactive attitude and willingness to develop.


Low readability


Remember that in addition to relevant content, your CV should also have an attractive and legible form. It is a myth that your resume must fit on only one page. If you have many things to put, it can easily have more pages. The most important thing is to be legible. So remember to take care of the readable font, clear text layout and small graphic elements that will make your document easy to read. Remember also about the current and professional photo.


Career counselling


You already have your CV, but you are not sure if it is right? We invite you to a free consultation with a Job Counsellor, who will check your document and suggest possible corrections. More information about the job counselling can be found HERE.

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