An interview can certainly be a stressful stage during the recruitment process. We want to do our best, and at the same time we are not sure what impression we made on the recruiter. Below there are some tips on how to prepare for this recruitment stage.



Get ready


Before an interview, we strongly recommend preparing well for it. Review the job offer you applied for again and pay attention to the job description and requirements for the candidate. This information is a hint for you of what the company expects from the candidate and what the recruiter will probably want to know about you. For instance, if the requirement of teamwork experience is emphasized in the job offer, think about whether you have experience in working in a group, what did you do at the time and so on.


Good first impression


First of all, don’t be late. It is worth checking in advance how to get to the company’s headquarters and whether parking is available nearby. It is also good to have prepared direct contact to the recruiter so that in case of problems with commuting you can warn him or her about your delay. What is more, take care of your professional appearance. When you meet the recruiter for the first time, remember that he/she, as a host of the meeting, is the first to give a greeting hand (no matter of the age and gender of you and the recruiter). When welcoming, firmly shake the recruiter’s hand and introduce yourself with your full name. Remember also to look into the eyes of the interlocutor and smile.


Not too much, not too little


When answering the recruiter’s questions, it is worth finding the golden mean between speaking too little and too much. Answer the questions specifically, giving examples from your professional life. Adapt what you say to the needs and expectations of the position you apply for. For example, if your company is in the IT industry and you did internships with a similar profile, you should focus on this experience. On the other hand, do not describe in detail all your experiences that are unrelated to this job position.


Practice the interview


If you would like to prepare for a conversation in comfortable conditions and practice the answers to individual questions, we invite you to a free consultation with our Job Counsellor. Detailed information can be found HERE.

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