Do not wait until the last year of your studies. Start gaining various experiences earlier. What is worth trying? Here are 6 ideas!



Internships and apprenticeships


A good start into a career may be an internship. Time spent in the chosen company allows you to gain experience but also to get to know the organisational culture of your employer and build connections. HERE you will find dozens of job offers, apprenticeships and internships. Use an opportunity of compulsory internship – a part of your curriculum at university. Treat it as a possibility to gain experience, not as another task to tick on your study list. Spend time to find an employer of your choice. When looking for the first experiences you can also try non-compulsory student internships – visit us and learn more!


Courses and workshops


Thanks to the courses you will develop key competences and meet employers from the region. A wide offer is waiting for you HERE. Other websites worth visiting:, pages of faculties and career offices of other universities in Łódź. Look for courses that would complement your studies, learn more about methods specific for your field, get to know software used in your industry. Don’t forget to develop soft skills. Ability to work in a team, good communication skills, public speaking – these competences are needed in every workplace.


Scientific circles and students’ organisations


There are a lot of scientific circles and students’ organisations at the University of Lodz. Thanks to being an active member you can develop interests and implement projects. This is an ideal opportunity to gain the first experience in working in a team, delivering your tasks, managing time and many more! Involvement in different projects gives you a possibility to meet new people and to build your professional network! These connections may become very useful in the future.


Student exchange programmes


Take advantage of a well-known Erasmus programme or any other bilateral agreement with international partners of UL. More information HERE or HERE. Check also its national equivalent – MOST (you can spend part of your studies in another Polish city).


Ambassador programmes


More and more companies invite you to take part in their ambassador programmes. It is an opportunity to get to know an employer better, to take part in preparation meetings or workshops and to gain some bonuses. It opens the door to a future career in this company. Take your chance and present the employer your best self.




Involve in NGO’s actions. When volunteering you can gain experience in working in a team, to develop communication and self-management skills and to support a cause you value. Visit (unfortunately, only in Polish). Are you thinking about going abroad? Check an international volunteering programme – European Solidarity Corps.


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