During job interviews in various companies, there are often asked very similar questions. It is worth getting to know the most popular ones so that you can prepare the answers.


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Please tell me something about yourself


This question seems to be very easy, but it often causes candidates a lot of difficulties. This is because at first they usually don’t know what to say and how to start. Then, when they start talking, they describe their entire professional life in detail and don’t know where to stop. To avoid this mistake, it is worth preparing a short and concise statement on this subject. List your key competences and professional experiences there. You can also mention your professional plans for the future. Remember to adapt the specific details of your professional life to the specifics of the position you apply for.


Please list your strengths and weaknesses


When pointing out your strengths, it is worth choosing those that can be helpful in the position you apply for. It is also worth giving specific examples here to support your words. For example, if your advantage is good time organization, you can indicate the situation or task where you demonstrated this ability. On the other hand, when talking about your weaknesses, it is worth choosing those that do not significantly affect the performance of the duties in the position you apply for. You can also add how you work on your weaknesses.


Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?


This question is not intended to provide detailed information about your future job, but rather to check if you have a general idea for your professional life at all. You can say what professional experience you would like to gain, what you would like to learn, in which way would you like to develop.


What are your financial expectations?


It is worth preparing to answer this question by checking the pay ranges in a given industry, position and region. You can also specify whether you are talking about the salary for the trial period or after it. You can also find out what is included in the remuneration in a given company – do employees receive bonuses, commissions or financial rewards in addition to the salary basis?
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